Rochester Brass & Electric

Rochester Brass & Electric

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RB&E Front Line

RB&E Front Line

Rochester Brass & Electric is an eight-piece band perfect for every festive occasion.  Their business philosophy is simple…play the songs that make people dance and reminisce!  Rochester Brass & Electric is a band consisting of a male and female lead vocalist backed up by keys, bass, percussion, guitar and of course…horns!  Their musical format spans from the sixties to the present.  They pride themselves on the versatility and ability to switch up from Chicago to Colbie Coillat and then to Maroon 5 or Doobie Brothers.  Their extensive repertoire includes Aretha Franklin, Blues Brothers, Temptations, Joe Cocker, Rick James and Christina Aguilera.  The band plays a wide variety of dance music including funk, soul, swing, rhythm & blues and of course… good ole rock and roll.

Rochester Brass & Electric is not a fad band, they’ve been entertaining in the upstate New York party scene since 1996.  The format is danceable and attracts all ages.  They are an experienced band perfect for weddings, parties, outdoor concerts and social events.

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